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- New Zealand Composites offers an extensive range of structural materials including dry reinforcement in E-Glass, Aramid , Carbon Fibre, Honeycomb Cores, Pre-Preg materials  and Vacuum Process Consumables.

- Material Availability from Full or part Units to suit both small and large applications.

- Secondary Bonding Double Bias +/- Tapes Cut/Slit to Width. Cutting fees may apply

- Project Supply Management for Production series material supply, Larger Custom "one off" projects to,
small production componentry.

- Custom Reinforcement Style and Weight construction to optimise.

- Quantity Estimation.

- Fast, Efficient Delivery from 100% NZ Owned and Operated Supply Distributor.

- Logistics and Project Supply Support
About NZ Composites Ltd

NZ Composites offer constructors a wide range of Advanced Composites Materials including Fibre Reinforcements, Structural Core Materials, Thermoset Pre-Pregs, Process Consumables

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