CCP5148-136 Carbon Gun Stocks

Composite Materials have been specified into many market areas and types of structures for over 50 years.

Aerospace, Performance Marine, Industrial, Automotive, Military and general Transportation structures have all taken advantage with the specification of Composites for the beneficial characteristics these materials exhibit.

Designers and engineers specifying within these Market sectors select Structural Composites as an obvious choice for a multitude of physical properties and characteristics these materials exhibit, including high specific strength, Stiffness, Low Weight, low maintenance, low energy cost both to install and use over the extended projected life cycle of the part.

With developments in material specification developing quickly, structures can be optomised easily with the lastest fibre and resin technologies using Autoclave, Infusion, RTM, VTM and wet layup techniques.

Look around you it wont be long before you can find an Advanced Composite part or panel whether its on your bicycle, car, surfboard or pleasure boat, you name it CRP and FRP are reducing long term costs, keeping maintenance low and continually driving performance up.

NZ Composites are actively supplying high quality materials to Custom and Production marine, Civil Appications, Transportation and Industrial Market Sectors.  Click the menus to the left for further infomation.