Perforated Release Films

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Perforated Release Films.

Perforated Release Films are placed between peel ply (if used) and the breather to allow volatiles and excess resin to bleed away.

The density of the perforation plus the diametre of the hole help to control the flow of resin bled away from the laminate.

Some films are release coated to enable an easy separation from the laminate with the breather bleeder. Care should be taken with release coated films that are placed directly against a laminate
Selected for:
  • Release Coated for Ease of Removal.
  • Coloured for easy Identification
  • 1000mm wide for easily handled roll size.
Wet Laminate/Infusion Processing.   (Not for use in Autoclaves)
  • PF-P1 125-1000 
  • P1 Perforated Release Film. 
  • 5 x 7mm Pitch. 
  • 0.5mm Diametre Bleed Holes.
  • Blue, 25 Micron Film /Release Coated.
  • 400sqm Roll.


Pre-Preg Processing   (Not for use in Autoclaves)
  • PF-P3 125-1000
  • P1 Perforated Release Film.
  • 14 x 10mm Pitch.
  • 0.5mm Diametre Bleed Holes.
  • Blue, 25 Micron Film /Release Coated.
  • 200sqm Roll.

Please contact us for any special requirements including release films for use for high pressure autoclave processing or elevated temperatures above 120 Celsius.

We are able to source a wide range of high elongation films available range of film guage, colour and widths.