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Para Aramid Reinforcement

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HM Aramid Woven Reinforcements.
KC75P-  1000    75gsm Woven Plain Cloth HM Aramid 1000mm Wide
KC180P-1000 180gsm Woven Plain HM Aramid 1000mm Wide
KC170T-1000   170gsm Woven 2x2 Twill Weave Cloth HM Aramid 1000mm Wide
KC320 (5HS)-1000  320gsm Woven 5HS Satin Weave Cloth HM Aramid 1270mm Wide


Aramid/ Carbon Hybrid Woven Reinforcements.
  • CAC188P-1270  188gsm Balanced 50/50 Hybrid Aramid /Carbon Plain Hybrid Woven Cloth 1270mm Wide
  • CAC240T-1000  240gsm  Hybrid Aramid Carbon 2x2 Twill Hybrid Cloth 1000mm Wide

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