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NZ Composites Ltd.

100% New Zealand Owned and Operated.

Auckland based supplier of Advanced Composite Structural Materials.
Supplying Composite Material for small componentry to the Largest High Performance Composite Structures.

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Specialists in Sourcing Custom Composite Specifications
Sourcing the highest quality structural composite material from the worlds leading manufactures.

NZ Composites Ltd, are Agents for Mitsubishi Rayon Carbon Fibre and Composites  for Pre-Pregs and Adhesive Films and Euro-Composites for  Honeycomb Cores.

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A wide standard range of Dry Fibre Reinforcements and Vacuum Process Consumables.

NZ Composite materials, offer builders, designers and structural engineers the highest material specifications. 

Composites are routinely selected for their ability to exhibit high strength, high stiffness with low relative weight, toughness and are highly durable compared to traditional building materials. Many materials stocked and sourced meet Regulatory Class /3rd Party Type Approval.

NZ Composite Materials have been used to construct some of the largest composite structures being proven in the harshest and most demanding environments.  What are Composites Materials.

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New Zealand Composites work with  world leading Custom and Production Boat and Shipyards and Composite Component Constructors throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

NZ Composites strive to source the material for the most advanced structures, design optimised to meet the highest of Dynamic Loads. 

NZ Composites Incorporated since April 2010.

Dean Pannett can be Contacted on + 64 (0) 21 300 151
About NZ Composites Ltd

NZ Composites offer constructors a wide range of Advanced Composites Materials including Fibre Reinforcements, Structural Core Materials, Thermoset Pre-Pregs, Process Consumables

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