E-Glass Reinforcements

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E-Glass Reinforcements.

NZ Composites offer a wide range of E-Glass Reinforcement to Industry sectors including, production and custom marine projects, automotive and civil engineering applications.

Specifically constructed for NZ Composites by the worlds leading converters of E-Glass structural fibre.
Woven E-Glass Plain Weave Cloths.
  • EC100-1000 100gsm   Plain Woven E-Glass Cloth    1020mm Wide.
  • EC200-1020 200gsm   Plain Woven E-Glass Cloth    1020mm Wide.
  • EC250-1020 250gsm   Plain Weave E-Glass Cloth    1020mm Wide
  • EC290-1020 290gsm   Plain Woven E-Glass Cloth    1020mm Wide
Woven E-Glass Twill and Satin Weave Cloths
  • EC165T-1000   165gsm 2x2 Twill Weave 1000mm Wide.
  • EC280T-1000    280gsm 2x2 Twill Weave1000mm Wide.
  • EC301-1270     300gsm 8 Harness Satin Weave 1270mm Wide.
  • EC400T-1250   400gsm 2x2 Twill Weave 1250mm Wide
E-Glass Stitched Multiaxlal +/-45 Double Bias Fabrics.
  • DBE295-1270 295gsm +/-45 Stitched Multiaxial 1270mm Wide.
  • DBE400-1270 400gsm +/-45 Stitched Multiaxial 400gsm 1270mm Wide.
  • DBE600-1270 600gsm +/-45 Stitched Multiaxial 600gsm 1270mm Wide.
  • DBE950-1270 950gsm +/-45 Stitched Multiaxial 950gsm 1270mm Wide.
E-Glass 0/+/-45 E-Glass (warp) Tri-axial Fabrics.
  • YE600-1270  590gsm 0/+/-45 E-Glass Triaxial 1270mm Wide.

Unidirectional E-Glass  Reinforcements are made to order

We continue to broaden the range of reinforcements so please check this page for updates on availability.

Please Contact NZ Composites for any Made to Order Custom Construction or specialised styles and weights of woven, stitched and Unidirectional Reinforcements.