Civil Engineering

ASB Reflector

NZ Composites can offer structural fibre material for architectural designs; refurbishment and strengthening of existing and/or damaged structural concrete, metal, wood and masonary.

Composite materials are being used more and more for the Reinforcement of Concrete Beam and Pillar Encapsulation and refurbishment of historic buildings. Commercial Graded, Standard, Intermediate and High Modulus Fibre can be specifically orientated and constructed to engineers specifcations to suit most geometries. 

A wide variety of reinforcement styles and areal weights to meet specified design are available.

Composite material can be supplied in many forms including dry fibre, pre-preg and cured laminate plates which can lead to a substantial increase in load capabilities of both new and old structural members. 

Heavy weight E-Glass and Commerical Grade Carbon Reinforcements can be utilised by design engineers for the construction of Lightweight Formwork/Shuttering.

Complex panels are also easily formed using composites  which exhibit high strength, high stiffness ,overall toughness,  high surface quality, enabling  the construction and repetitive production of lightweight complex shapes offsite.

Composite Structural Materials are often selected for their versatility, durability and high mechanical performance for use in both simple flat sheet reinforcement plates to a variety of complex beam geometries.