Composite Tooling

day 2 website pictures 013              Stitched Off Axis Carbon Fibre

Dry Infusible Stitched Fibre Reinforcements. 

Designed to develop thickness quickly reducing labour when constructing composite male or female tooling or composite parts.  

Larger 24-50K Tow Carbon Fibre can be used to reduce sqm costs. 

Available in a range of areal weights suitable to infuse a range of mould thicknesses from simple geometry to complex curvatures.

A wide range of heavyweight E-Glass reinforcements is also available for Infused laminates.

Stabilised stitching used in these reinforcements increases permeability for the resin to infuse efficiently and allows for easy handling when dry and being stacked. 

Our range of reinforcement is being used to generate low air content, thoroughly saturated laminates are selected for fast laminate thickness development, saving valuable lay uptime.

Call us for further information on Availability of Infusible Carbon and E-Glass Structural Reinforcements.