What Are Composite Materials

Composites offer a full range of properties other more traditional can not match. Composite materials offer tremendous durability, high specific strength and very high stiffness.

Moreover, they allow the design of very complex geometric forms and the engineering of material which can precisely tailored and optomised to meet the demands of the particular application

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These characteristics enable the rapid incorporation of composites within a broad spectrum of industries from deep sea, military, polar,space exploration,marine,transportation to even household appliances and building panelling and facades.

Boats are a great example of the successful swing from traditional construction materials to advanced composites and also happen to be one of the first mass applications of this construction technology.

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Boats are made from many types of material including – wood, aluminium, steel, and even concrete, although most production pleasure boats today are built from fibreglass composites. The reason for this is composites can be easily moulded to complex shapes, which can improve boat design and styling greatly, with the additional benefits of the structure requiring minimal maintenance all while being exposed to an extremely harsh marine environment that subjects the structure to very high dynamic slamming loads.

This inherent durability of composites is attractive to many industries, and not least of all the construction industry.

Many high perforrmance structures built from composite materials have now been in service for more than 50 years and still performing as design engineers specified.